Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Pictures from the 1st day at Disneyland

Waiting to go on the Dumbo ride! Arent we cute!

Woohoo!! Finally on the Dumbo ride!

Spinning Tea cups...yup I'm not there...I dont like spinning rides But the Kids love them and giggled the whole time they were on it!

Waiting to go onto the Indiana Jones Ride!

The end to day 1 at Disneyland...all worn out!

Disneyland 2010!! some of you may know, our family was not around for the last few weeks...and this is why! We went on vacation to California! We went to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Lego Land, and the San Diego Zoo. Plus as an added bonus we stopped in Las Vegas on the way home! I was a very fun trip even if we were stuck in a car for 14 hours to get there! This picture was our first day at Disneyland...and yes I know there are 6 kids in there! That is Jayce my nephew (isnt he handsome!). This day was spent in Storybook land. We learned that Mason is not a big rider...he did not like the rides that were inside and dark. He did like the Dumbo ride, the spinning tea cups and Casey Jr.'s train. It was a very good day and the girls were just so happy to be there! Here are some more pics!

Mason excited to ride the Dumbo ride!

The girls all waiting to get onto the Dumbo ride. Madison and Hailey were not so thrilled...they wanted to go ride all the roller coasters and the big scary rides! Alaina is the perfect age for Disneyland and she was happy to go on all the rides!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OKAY!!! After many comments of me being lazy and not keeping up with my blog I have decided that I will finally post a comment!

So it has been pointed out to me that since I last had a post a lot has changed. For one thing our family of 6 has now increased to 7! Ethan Thomas Palmer was born February 25th 2010. He came in at a heavy 5 lbs 12 oz and was an extreme at 19 inches long! Our family is so happy to have him...especially Mason and Alaina who love to torment him constantly! Speaking of the family...

Madison is now 8 and was baptized in September of 2009! She is growing up super duper fast...a little too fast for my tastes really! She just completed 3rd grade and worked so hard this year that she had straight A's the whole year! She was awarded Honor Role every quarter as well! I am very proud of how hard she worked to make that award! She is also a very wonderful mommy hen. She takes care of her brothers and sisters even when she is not asked to. She just got finished with the Miss Idaho Pageant....not as a contestant...but was in a program that takes girls 8-10 and pairs them with the Miss Idaho Contestants. The contestants and the girls become little sister and big sister which was a treat because Mads does not have a big sister! She learned how to Hula and was able to perform it at the actual Pageant! She was amazing at it and had tons of fun! (pictures soon to come!)

Hailey is now 7 and just completed kindergarten! She had waited her whole life to get to kindergarten and she loved it!! Her teacher loved having her in her class because she was helpful and kind to everyone! She also worked hard at all of her work at school and passed with flying colors! Hailey mad tons of friends at school and I think she had a crush or three too.... :) She has been very helpful around the house and tries to keep the crazy 2yr old and 3 yr old from bugging the 3 month old! Hailey loves to rollerblade and ride her bike with no training wheels.

Alaina is 3 yrs old and silly as ever! Boy I could write a book of this girl! She is very funny very sweet and very curious! Alaina knows when someone needs a hug or just a good laugh...and she is perfected making me laugh! She is growing so fast too...she has just about caught up to Hailey now! She is excited to start preschool this coming school year as well as starting swimming lesson in less than a week! I am pretty sure she is going to be a fish. If you need a good laugh ask her to have a starring contest...but be warned you will lose!!! The woman can keep her eyes open for sooo long!! Plus she is just plain cute while doing it!

Mason is 2.................. A very naughty in the sense that he is 2 and a boy and curious with no common sense!!! I love this kid so much...but he has given me so many heart attacks I am worried that I will not survive the next one!!! He is all boy and loves to play and attack things like siblings, daddy, out dog Cody, and trees... yes trees! He is a very busy body and only when he sleeps is he still. He loves to smile and when he does he melts everyone with his cheesy grin and dimple. I am interested to see if he will make it to 3!

Ethan is now 3 and a half months old! He is very sweet and cuddly. He did give a early introduction into our family though! He was born 4 weeks early!! He spent 6 days in the NICU but is healthy and growing too fast now! Finally after 4 blonds I think I will have my red head!! At least that is what I think!! Only time will tell now!

So I will try to keep my blog more updated as well as post pics from the last year...but keep in mind I am very busy trying to keep up with Mason....Its a good thing he has been asleep while I wrote this or I am pretty sure my house would have been destroyed!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

I know I am on a roll! 2 Posts in one day! Missoula Childrens Theater came again...this time it was to Meridian. Madison was bummed out that she did not make Pinocchio here in Caldwell so I told her that we would tryout for the one in Meridian. She did not forget it was coming so I found out when and where and we did tryout! This time they let Hailey tryout too! Hailey was soooo excited that she was finally able to join in the fun! This time they both made it!!! I had 2 raccoons! Yes little red riding hood does have raccoons....and if you don't remember them....they are the ones the try to get Reds basket of goodies! It was a cute play and the girls had fun. They got to dance and sing (they sang about washing their hands!) and they both had a blast! I am going to try and figure out how to post a video with their part! So watch for that soonish....I still have to figure out how to do it, but for the moment I hope these pics will do! (In the group picture Hailey is the shortie in the center of the back row with her tongue out, and Maddy is in the back third from the right side! (I think) )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Madison's Dinosaur Project!

Okay so Maddy came home with a note from her teacher last week. They have been learning about fossils and dinosaurs. The note said that each child was to come up with a dinosaur of their own! They had to draw a picture of it and have a descriptive essay about what it looks like. In the first draft of the essay Maddy decided that her dinosaur was going to be 2 yards long, with a jaw that was 6 feet long by 5 feet wide with 2 foot sharp pointed teeth.....Now do your math! Yup lol! Does not make a whole lot of sense, but she did try and it was a cute essay. We ended up fixing it so it was a proportioned dino. Here are the pics! Madison had a blast making it....and as you can tell Trevor did too! In fact it pinata making is his most favorite thing to do now! Maybe he should consider it for a side job!

Don't Worry! We are ALIVE!

So one day a few days ago, I was getting kids ready for baths when ALaina comes out of my bathroom saying "mama I hurt! Mama finger hurt! Mama I hurt finger!" Sure enough I look at her hand and she is bleeding... Her hand is dripping with blood! At that moment I realize that I had shaved and did not move my razor out of the shower.... So I run her to the bathroom and as soon as I get near it I smell blood.... I come to a scene of blood smears and blody hand prints all over! I look at her finger and there is a cut yes, but it is small! It should not have bled that much! If the cops would have come to my house at that moment I am sure they would have thought I was guilty of murder! Alaina through the whole thing is pretty happy; she's not crying or even in pain! I start to clean her up and put a bandaid on her....and thats when she starts crying and screaming bloody murder (hehe no pun intended!)...still not because she is in pain, but because I am putting a bandaid on her finger! I get the bandaid on and she goes to Hailey to get comfort from the mean old MOM monster! A little while later I see that she has soaked through the bandaid! So I take her kicking and screaming to get another bandaid on. She goes back to what she does best...making messes! Same thing.. a little while later find her and has soaked through yet another bandaid! Sheesh will this ever stop bleeding? Its a small cut! I fianlly figure out how and why its still bleeding....I put another bandaid on her and watch her squish and sqeeze her finger! She was either trying to make it look like I murdered someone...or she was trying to get rid of the terrible useless bandaid! So when she cut her finger she decided that my bathroom was a good place to try out her new "finger paint." I am pretty sure she made the blood come out and squished it out...its the only thing that makes sense on why there was sooo much blood! I finally did get the bleeding to stop after soaking through 3 bandaids! Then I cleaned up the blood in my bathroom and it smelled like a cover-up murder scene! It was a fantastic day!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hah! Thats funny!

So I know 2 posts in one day! 2 Posts within an hour or so! So I was bathing Mason, because he so proudly pooped up his back, and Alaina was helping me. We lathered him up well, to which I told her he was "soapy and sudsy!" The next thing I hear was her singing "Mason is soapy and sexy! Soapy and Sexy!" I stopped and looked at her and just laughed! Its funny how they hear and say things at this age! I know she was trying to say what I said but...she plainly was say "Soapy and Sexy"! I laughed and thought it might make you laugh so enjoy!

And as a side note, or update rather: Alania has now peed twice in the toilet! Yea!!!!! Cross your fingers that this will go fast for me! hehe.....